Sunday, December 30, 2007

Must Like Dogs

I have been sick for 5 days. FIVE. It hasn't been a full-blown flu, but rather a slow metamorphasis from fever/cold to cold/couch to cough/sore throat. I can't wait to see what evolves into next.

Anyway, being sick during the one week where I have next to no obligations is par for the course. On the bright side, I dont' have rent money so the fact that I have been bed-ridden for the past 5 days has kept me from frittering away money on things like food and taxis. Except for the one night in the middle of my flu-storm when I decided to go out and drink beer and 5 whiskies at McManus thus exposing me to the worst hangover I have had since college.

But that is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to talk about After everyone I know has told me I have to try online dating, I filled out a profile on Match which is excruciating because you need to be charming and funny while you talk about why you hate Good Charlotte and love Dave Eggers without sounding like an asshole, which is pretty much impossible. You also have to fill out all sorts of lists as in Interests: Coffee and Conversation, Dining Out, Movies. Wow, that probably tells you a lot about me - I like coffee, conversation, eating, and movies. You like those things too? No kidding.

Then you get hilarious emails from which let you know that someone has contacted you. One email read, "Hello Rachael! You just got an email from a dog person!:

Then when you open the email it says:

Look how much you have in common:

He is a dog person too.
He also wants kids someday.

Wow. That is a match made in heaven. I am picking out my wedding dress right now.

Anyway, I have already given up on, partially because I am in a holding pattern with someone I like (and actually know in real life), but mostly because this shit costs like 40 DOLLARS for one month. I am broke y'all. I have no desire to pay 40 dollars just to meet someone who enjoys basic activities that only a retard/recluse would abstain from.

Happy New Year.


Blogger Peter said...

Happy New Year. Hope you feel better in 2008 (and that means many things in many ways).

2:40 PM  

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