Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cheat Sheet

A recent look at the site meter for this journal reveals that I have a surprising amount of visitors from across the country and around the world (UK, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Korea). Most of them come here from my friends' sites and the occcasional internet search for "Rachael Mason" or "Rachael Mason improv", the latter probably being a search for the Rachael Mason who runs IO in Chicago and is a much more prolific improvisor than I. There are other mundane search items for things like the Coney Island Aquarium and Carpet cleaning and Cat Meows that I am sure have misled many a disappointed websurfer here as well.

But occasionally a baffling search turns up: Recently someone googled "Married women in Warwick who fuck around." For some reason this led them to my blog, which has little to do with married women or fucking around or Warwick, Rhode Island.

Even more puzzling is the fact that someone googled this item to begin with. I mean it seems like an oddly specific request. Does someone out there think there are websites that contain databases of women who not only live in Rhode Island, but in the specific town of Warwick, who are looking to have affairs? Or a jealous husband whose suspicions have aroused some far-flung hope that his cheating spouse has actually created a website proving her adultery?

I realize that now that I have written an entire entry about this, this site will now be flooded by the countless men searching for the loose women of Rhode Island. So out of both courtesy and curiousity I entered that exact search into google and came up with this site. So for those of you who were accidentally led here, your search won't have been in vain. Happy hunting.


Blogger Dan said...


Wait, sorry. Never mind. Was looking for loose women of Rhode Island.

3:30 AM  
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