Monday, December 31, 2007


Every year we all go about making resolutions we don't keep. So I have decided to go the opposite route and list a bunch of resolutions that I will definitely keep, not matter how hard I may resist:

I resolve to:

-watch The Hills when I should be cleaning the house.
-forget to buy cat food at least once a month.
-say I am going to spend time writing and instead update my Facebook profile.
-let my laundry pile up until I have nothing left to wear.
-spend too much money on cabs and food and beer.
-spend too much money on the above even when I can't pay my rent.
-start at least one crafty project that will get only partially done and then sit in the corner of my room for six months.
-look up ex-boyfriends on MySpace and Facebook.
-make plans with people that never happen because I am too lazy to actaully call them when the time comes.

I am pretty sure I can keep these. Look for an update at the end of 2008 to see how I did!!!

Viva la New Year.


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