Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have had a wicked cold for 3 days. I seem to remember a time when a bad cold didn't make me want to die and crawl into bed but that seems to be the case these days. The fun of getting older. When I get sick I throw out my normal productive checklist and use my alternate only-when-I-am-sick checklist:

-Watch E! - show about 25 hottest Cougars in Hollywood
-Make Soup
-Take Dayquil
-Watch MTV's Hills Wrapup Show
-Take Zinc Lozenge-
-Make grilled cheese sandwich
-Watch E! True Hollywood Stories: Serial Killers
-Make Mac and Cheese
-Watch 27 Dresses on HBO

For some reason illness, starch, and bad movies and tabloid TV go hand in hand.


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