Thursday, December 04, 2008


As mentioned in my previous post I recently returned from Paris. I haven't been there since I was a kid and I loved it.

I noted to a friend of mine that the cool thing about Paris is that it looks exactly the way it does in the movies. As opposed to NYC. New York is often shot in a splendorous-sunsetting-fall-foliage-Upper West Side/Greenwich Village-Sex-in-the-City-only-rich people-see-the-city-this-way-haze that bares only a passing resemblance to the New York I actually live in.

But the incredibly beautiful Parisian streets, French door/iron-balconied windows, boulangerie/cafe-filled streets that you see in movies actually exists. Everywhere. It is stunning.

Other things I noticed about Paris:

-People LOVE small dogs there.

-If French is spoken correctly it sounds like you are singing.

-The French apparently love old crappy American television shows, like Hunter and Simon & Simon, which are dubbed into French and run seemingly 24 hours per day. (They also have The Simpsons dubbed into French with actors that sound exactly like the American version).

-I saw a bar where you could buy 10 shots of absinthe for 30 Euros.

-At a cafe the average cost of a pint of beer was 10 euros. I did not drink a lot of beer.

-Every supermarket has a huge wine selection much of which costs only 2 euros. This made up for the beer thing.

-Many businesses close from 2 or 3pm until 5:30pm. I think this is cool.

-I went to Bon Marche which has an epic food hall. It's like Zabar's meets Whole Foods meets .... a lot of French people. I can't tell if it's cool or unbelievably sad that I spent like 5 hours wandering around looking at food.

-I am training for a marathon so had to run a lot while I was there. It's easier to run 9 miles when you get to run past Notre Dame, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower as you run along the Left Bank of the Seine.

-I went to the Paris Menagerie (zoo) on my last day there. Zoos are awesome no matter where you are.

-Homeless people are given huge comforters each night so they can sleep on the street in comfort.

-Buskers on the subway play accordion and violin and everyone gives them change.

Ah, Paris. So civilized.


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