Monday, September 04, 2006


I have taken way more blogging time off then intended, for a variety of reasons. I have been doing a lot of non-internet related writing (sketches, spec scripts, stories, etc.) so with all that I guess I haven't found time to write my random, dull, and meaningless comments here. Below are some quick updates about things I am doing/have done and things my friends are doing/have done and finally, of course, the requisite pictures of cats that all bloggers resort to when they don't have anything interesting to say. Here it goes:

I have had about two days off all summer (I wish I was kidding), and will finally get some needed break time this week as I head up to Fire Island to a beach house and then off to Mexico in a few weeks for my good friends Heidi and Ryan's wedding. This week will be the first time this year I have stepped on the beach. I am clearly having my summer in the fall.

I am addicted to Project Runway--I already loved it, but my friend Jeffrey Sebelia is on it this season, so it's twice as addictive. The respect I had for Heidi Klum has dissipated to a loathing and disdain I that is reserved only for bitchy self-important supermodels with hit TV shows (this is entirely different than the loathing and disdain I have for bitchy self-important politicians such as our president, should you be wondering.)

One of my cats has been getting sick constantly, the cause of which is a mystery. The diagnosis ended up being protein allergies, forcing me to feed them new foods they have never had before. These foods so far have consisted of rabbit, venison, and duck. Mealtimes consist of the cats happily gobbling down the anonymous food stuffs as I sit in the corner, glaring, slurping down Ramen Noodles. Feline Irony, alive and well. (Also, my cat has managed to vomit on every piece of clothing, blanket, purse, etc. that I hold dear, and once even managed to throw up inside my cowboy boots. Asshole.)

My awesome friend Kate Spencer has both inspired me and made me completely ashamed of my own laziness! Her mother was diagnosed recently with pancreatic cancer and in response she has started which is raising money for pancreatic cancer research and forcing Kate to train everyday for a half marathon--go to this site, check out her workout journal, feel super lazy, and then donate! Every bit helps. For real.

A steady stream of people have recently made the move to California. I may end up there soon...more to come.....

And now, as promised, cats!:

My two cats, Franklin and Sparkleen

Franklin (Vomit Machine) on my kitchen table

Sparkleen in my Kitchen Window

Cat in a Bag!

Cat in a Box!


Blogger vinylrags said...

Wow, you know Jeffrey on Project Runway? That's cool. I loved his design last night (the plaid couture dress).

(I'm not anyone you know--I just found your blog cos I googled his name!)

12:00 PM  
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