Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Continuing on with my 30 Day Challenge:

I plagiarized a story. From Highlights Magazine.

When I was 8 I plagiarized a story from Highlights magazine and handed it in as my own to my 3rd grade teacher, Diane. (We called our teachers by their first names due to the progressive/hippie environment of our school). The story had something to do with mummies, and I remember thinking it was really funny and clever. What's weird is that I loved to write, and was really good at it, so I think the only reason for my deceit was that I must have really liked the story. My teacher totally caught on, but instead of confronting me she took the passive aggressive approach by asking me to read it to the class. I think she figured that guilt combined with my well-known stage fright would break me. It did not. I read it in front of the class without batting an eye.

I find it amusing that the only time I ever cheated was when I was 8 for no apparent reason.


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