Wednesday, January 31, 2007

30 Day Challenge

So my previous post regarding blog tag seemed to garner a lot of interest. I guess I've led a varied enough existence to have some interesting stories, but I have a terrible memory and am not the greatest storyteller in the world, so its tough for me to relate past events in any kind of meaningful way.

However, as a result of the torrent of feedback (and by torrent I mean three people told me I was sort of cool--for me that's a torrent), I have decided to challenge myself to write at least one or two semi-interesting facts from my past every day for 30 days. This will probably be of little to no interest to anyone, but I find it to be an good reason to have to scrutinize my past for things that are not horribly boring and then relay them to my eight or nine readers in an understandable or reasonably enertaining way. Plus it will make me write in this long neglected journal every single day. Fruitless and self indulgent exercise you say? Most definitely. But as those adjectives are cornerstones of my very existence I feel that I am completely justified. (If you don't believe me, I made a house out of paper clips instead of finishing my freelance project WHILE drinking an entire bottle of Perrier Jouet champagne the other day. Don't tell me I'm not fruitless and self-indulgent.) I start today off with the following tidbits:

-I was once punched in the face so hard that my jaw broke in two places.

When I was 19 a cab driver mistakenly seemed to think that I was trying to get out of paying a fare. After a protracted argument, we ended up on my doorstep where he hauled off and hit me so hard that my mouth started bleeding immediately. He then got in his cab and drove off. Due to a brutal combination of shock, stupidity, and drunkenness (some things never change), I didn't get the taxi license number so he never got caught. I, on the other hand, endured being in the hospital for three days, having my teeth wired together, and the inability to eat anything solid for six weeks. It was probably the skinniest I have ever been (hey, there's always a bright side).

-I was an extra in the film Krush Groove.

When I was in junior high I decided I wanted to be an actress. I immediately went to the newsstand and bought a copy of "Backstage". How I knew what this was or how to get it is beyond me, but clearly I was a resourceful child. I then found an open call for a film seeking extras, went to it by myself (and I think by cutting school) and got "cast". How an 11 year old unaccompanied minor managed to get herself hired for a film is beyond me, but I did. I think the pay was something like $30 per day plus lunch. When you are 11 this seems like a HUGE amount of money. Plus I worked on a film set! So exciting! I am pretty sure I somehow coerced my parents into letting me cut school (they were not big fans of this "acting career" of mine -- a harbinger of things to come). I also vaguely remember that in that pre-cell phone era, my parents seriously freaked out because they didn't really know where I was and why I was gone for a 12 or 13 hour work day - I think they thought that I would be gone for a few hours to do the whole thing. I worked two days -- one up at Columbia University and the other at a concert hall where I spent an entire day watching Sheila E., Run DMC, the Fat Boys, and Kurtis Blow do concerts. Plus they bought us McDonald's for lunch. I think I can seriously say that on that day I was the coolest 11 year old alive.

I suspect that as time goes on these entries will get a lot more boring or a lot more personal.


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