Sunday, February 04, 2007

Plugs, Entreaties, Referrals

If you are in NYC, please check out Gutenberg! The Musical! written by my friend Anthony King. If you love musicals, you will love this. If you hate musicals, you will love this. It is hi-larious. And playing for the next 10 weeks at the Actor's Playhouse.

For those of you who don't already know about it and regularly attend, the latest Channel 102 shows are really great. The show "Defenders of Stan" is really fun and original. I don't check the Channel 101 site as often but I love Dan Harmon's new meta treatise "Exposure" as well. I have a secret long distance crush on Dan Harmon based solely on his 101 shows and his MySpace blog.

If you like weird internet stuff, please check out my friend Birch Harms's blog, which is filled with amazing and astounding finds from the internet, and occasional interesting facts about the man himself.

As per my 30 Day Challenge, the following story:

-I modelled for a book on how to make dolls when I was 9 and I was in an indie movie when I was 11. Both times neighbors hired me.

One of my neighbors wrote a book about doll making. I somehow got coerced into being one of the models who does the "how-to" photos that accompany the instructions. My mother still has the book somewhere. I look super dorky in these pictures. I really want to find it but don't know the name of the book. If I do, I will scan and post pics here.

The first movie I was in was when I was 11. I played a punk-rock teen runaway. It was for my mother's friend, Deborah, also a neighbor, who made this movie which I have never seen. I suspect it's terrible. There were a bunch of us pre-teen punk rock looking kids who were supposed to look all drugged up lying around a loft. I remember this being very excitiing, but I was mad that I didnt' get to wear makeup since they wanted me to look as young as possible. My first glimpse into the glamorous world of filmmaking.

Both of these projects were shot on my block in my neighbor's lofts. Proof that SoHo was once a bastion of creativity instead of a bastion of Eurotrash and high priced shoes.


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