Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Further favorable portents....

One of my favorite things to do is to take evening walks through the city observing the late night quiet. This was really effective in SoHo where I grew up -- Before it became the Eurotrash bar capital of the world there was nothing there but art galleries which closed by 7pm which would render the neighborhood completely desolate.
I now live in Brooklyn, and I go on late night walks less often (since I work nights and don't come home until 2am as it is), but I still really love it. (Especially with the addition of my ipod shuffle--Thanks JP!)
I was restless last night and I thought a nice start to my year would be to walk around and also scrounge up some food since I had nothing in the house. I took an hour long walk through Park Slope and then stopped at my local diner where I frequently pick up dinner or lunch to go since I never have food in the house and my weird hours make cooking next to impossible. I ordered the totally self-indulgent grilled cheese with bacon and tomato and talked to the old Greek counter guy while I waited. When my order came he refused my money and wished me a happy new year.
This year is looking up already.


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