Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Short and Sweet

Today was a lovely day: Improv rehearsal with Birch Harms, coached by the fantastic Shannon O'Neill, then home, wrote some stuff, went to a non Valentine's dinner with Tony Carnevale at the Chip Shop where I ate the most self-indulgent and awesome meal ever: Meaty Mac (combo of Mac and cheese and Shepard's pie), fried Mars Bar and beer. So bad for me. So delicious. Also, today this here blog was chosen as "Blog of the Month" by the lovely ladies of Hello HIlarious. Thanks ladies! (If you click on that link you can see the headshot that I never use for anything finally being put to use. Yay!

(Fun Fact: I have never ever celebrated Valentine's day. At those times when I have had a beau, one or both of us ended up being out of town or having to work. A double edged sword in that I have no attachment to the holiday whatsoever. Like being a Jew on Christmas. Except my version of Chinese food is fried English foods.)

Today's edition of Glimpses from my Past will be short and sweet because I feel my health taking a nosedive as I type:

The first time I went backstage at a rock concert was when I was 14 at a David Bowie concert at Madison Square Garden.

My friend Carise's dad was an agent or something at William Morris and he got us free tickets and passes. I remember the concert being pretty amazing (I suspect pretty much anytime you get to hear David Bowie sing "Jean Jeanie" in person it is pretty amazing so that't not saying much.) After the concert we were led to a hospitality suite with cheese and fruit and sodas. I am sure there was booze too, but as we were too young to partake at the time, I don't recall any. We were really excited to be backstage and meet David Bowie. We stood in the meet and greet room for about an hour and then realized that he had left without ever setting foot in the vicinity. My first (but not last) lesson regarding glamorous idea=boring reality.


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