Wednesday, February 07, 2007


The weather has put me in a foul mood. My apartment does not have substantial heat so I have been sitting around under blankets trying to be productive which is near impossible. This level of cold just makes me tired and uncreative and grumpy. This level of cold also makes the pipes in my building freeze, so I have no water whatsoever. I just went out to the deli to buy a jug of water so I could brush my teeth and freshen up the cat's water bowl. The main reason for my gym membership these days is for emergency showers. Totes worth the $90 a month.

This has also been a rough week because I have had a zillion projects to do while having a bunch of freelance gigs come pouring in all at once. Who knew web editors were in such high demand? These jobs are great because I do them at home and they are pretty simple. Usually. One of my jobs this week was dealing with a high maintenance douchefuck who lives in Sacramento who doesn't understand the concept of time differences. I told him on Monday that I needed to be done by 6pm. One would think that it would be fairly obvious that I was talking about 6pm in my own time zone. Apparently not. Which is why I ended up working until almost 8pm instead of going to improv class. One of my other freelance jobs consists of me updating a section of a subscription web service used by libraries. One of the women who works at this place is a weird anal retentive passive agressive bitchrag who sends me "reminder" emails to do things that I am already working on. This woman is not my boss. Other then the fact that she is full time and I am freelance, we essentially do the same job. However she constantly checks on my work and tells me what I am doing wrong, how things could be improved, or questions why things are being done a certain way even though I have no power to change the procedures she is questioning. I once had to work on her computer at the office and she has NOTHING on her desktop. She had one folder and inside were all of these other work related folders. She had nothing personal on her computer whatsoever. Creepy.

Other than that, my week has been awesome. No really.

Rant over.

Tiddlybits from my past:

-My high school job was working at St. Mark's Comics.

I worked at St. Marks Comics for a few years during high school. I didn't know anything about comics, but the owner was smart enough to realize that cute girls + comics = comic dork paradise. I grew to like some of the comics, usually more of the underground-ish stuff like "Hate" and graphic novels like "I Hate Saturn"-- I never really got into the superhero stuff, although I can appreciate it. The level of obsession that comics inspires is really interesting to observe. (Fun Fact: For those improvisors reading this post, Mike Hagen was my boss at this job.)

-I worked at a film warehouse for 4 months and it was the worst job I ever had.

My first "real" job was working as a receptionist at a film warehouse on 21st Street and 11th Avenue. In those days it was a pretty dicey area -- lots of drug dealers and hookers. The warehouse had no windows because we stored film and it had to be climate controlled. The boss was this fat hideous guy names Jerry, who immediately reminded me of Jabba the Hut when I met him. He was a yeller. He loved to yell at people and make up ridiculous rules, like employees can't get personal phone calls even in an emergency situation. We had a time clock but the coup de grace was that we even had a whistle! A WHISTLE! Like the Flintstones. The whistle would go off at 10am, signifying "coffee break" and would sound again at 10:15 signifying "end of coffee break." Same for lunch. This was one of those soul crushing jobs that make you realize that being poor is better than being demoralized on an every day basis. I pretty much stopped showing up and they fired me.


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