Saturday, December 20, 2008

Some things I recommend and stuff

I am still sick. It is now day number five and I am finally on the upswing, after trying to be productive whilst simultaneously dying over the last few days. The most frustrating/uncomfortable side effect of this illness has been an asthmatic cough that seems to be infinite in its duration and ability to make me miserable.

In my illness I have managed to do a lot of web surfing and tv watching, during which I have stumbled upon some of the following delights: -- You get to make your own movies. So far I have made weird existential French films set in a Japanese rose garden and an English gangster film set in a playground.

Blogs: I highly recommend reading Julie Klausner's yearend wrapup blog. Julie is acerbic and hilarious, and will make you see the truth about Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP website, Jackie Mason, and sharks. Games! I used to play these all the time, but forgot about it with the advent of the time sucking Facebook apps such as Scramble and now defunct Scrabulous. These are simple and beautiful and nicely diverting.

I know at least 6 people in this movie. Rob Huebel, one of the aformentioned 6 people, says the screening he saw was hilarious. SUCCESS:

I also watched a lot of horrible TV/films and can say unequivocally that The Brothers McMullen is an unwatchable sloppily written terribly acted (with the exception of Connie Britton who manages to make the wooden dialogue sound sortuv realistic) mess of a film and the fact that this launched the career of Ed Burns is completely mystifying to me.


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