Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Babes....

Due to the ridiculous venture I have embarked upon of running 13.1 miles this weekend in Phoenix, I had to go for a brief training run in the 24 degree weather.

As I was shivering/running through Park Slope, I ran past a group of 2nd graders who had just gotten out of school. As I ran past, one of the little 7 year old boys yelled after me "Run like the wind!".

Right. Will do. Thanks for the encouragement, kiddo.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What the..?

Hillary Duff is set to star in a new Fox series about the youngest girl to ever pass the bar exam at the age of 18. The name of this vehicle?

Barely Legal.

OK, can I just saw "Ewwww."? Secondly, I'm glad to see that Fox is finally targeting that all-important 40-60 year old borderline-pedophile demographic. They have been ignored by the networks for way too long. Good going Fox!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I just saw this commercial:

This commercial is supposed to be about how "fun" Carnival Cruise Lines is, and how adults are just kids at heart who want to play with beach balls.

Let me tell you something, Carnival: The very first thing I thought as I watched this was that if a beachball that is approximately the size of my apartment dropped off the side of a building towards the street where I was standing, I would be FUCKING TERRIFIED. I literally felt anxious and almost started hyperventilating while watching this stupid fucking thing.

If this happened in reality, I would run screaming in terror and would have some sort of post-traumatic stress every time I saw a beach ball or was in a city or was in a crowd of people or was alive. This is like a very bizarre terrorist attack that somehow taps into my memories of being the outcast in gym class when I used to cower in the corner as volleyballs flew overhead.

Clearly a marketing genius made this commercial, because I am feeling so anxious that I must immediately go on a cruise.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


This post will be exclusively about my friend Chris Gethard and his new show that you should go see.

Gethard and I have known each other for about 6 or 7 years now. He is an improvisor, actor, and writer and has really weird shit happen to him on an almost daily basis. It's not uncommon to run into Chris and have him tell you in detail about the high speed car chase he was in earlier in the day or how he acquired the black eye that you have just inquired about. (Usually related to his brutal Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training that he seems to do about 8 hours a day). Chris's many stories were the inspiration for my "30 Day Challenge" on this blog last year. He also shows his love/obsession with certain athletes by writing one man shows about them, or producing videos in which he states how gay he is for them. (Chris may have a hint of stalker about him, but he at least expresses it creatively).

On to the real point of this post: Chris has taken his penchant for attracting random happenings and combined it with his love of storytelling (at which he is a master), and the result is his new show "Chris Gethard's Magic Box of Stories", currently running at UCB. He has video commentary by his mother after each story he tells, and even if you have heard them many times (as I have) you will enjoy hearing them again. (At the last show I attended, people yelled out the names of their favorite stories-- repeat patrons!) You should see this. Go to here and make a reservation. He has a show tonight and a few more to come.

Also, please watch this: