Friday, May 09, 2008

Back on the Blogwagon

So clearly my resolution to write in my blog everyday was a complete and miserable failure. But things got Cuh-razy over the past few months. I worked 2 jobs which equalled a (minimum) 70 hour work week. I broke my wrist, I got mugged, started a new Maude team at UCB, and I was overall just f--ing exhausted. So the blog took a backseat. But hopefully from now on it will be firmly ensconced in the passenger seat of my priority list.

So: A few month's ago I broke my wrist. I have broken a few bones in the past so I'm no stranger to the process involved : I once got punched in the face by a cab driver, getting my jaw broken in two places, requiring me to wear braces that were wired shut until my jaw healed. I also broke my right wrist years ago when I was stage managing at Irving Plaza, which effectively rendered me unable to work, and afterward my tendons atrophied and I couldn't move my fingers or wrist for 6 months. But this one took the cake, being possibly the most pathetic injury of ALL TIME.

Back in January I started a three month day job while still working at UCB full time in order to pay off debts. The day my job started also marked the first day I had an afternoon improv class with Anthony King. One of the exercises Anthony has the class do is to play Duck Duck Goose. In truth, I dreaded playing this game, since it took me right back to my gangly uncoordinated 9-year old self. And true to form, as I ran around the circle I (overenthusiastically) took a turn too hard, bounced off a wall and wiped out. And landed on my wrist. I knew things weren't good, but I convinced myself it was just a sprain, iced it down, borrowed a boxing wrap from Eli Newell in lieu of an ace bandage, and left for my first day of work at my new job. Then I went to UCB and bartended for 7 hours (one handed). Then I worked double shifts for three days in a row. Finally I went and go an X-ray and learned that I had broken two bones.

There is nothing like telling an ER doctor that you broke your wrist playing Duck Duck Goose. And then explaining that I am not a nursery school teacher (which was their assumption), but that I was playing with a bunch of twenty-somethings so that we coudl illustrate basic improv concepts.

I have since almost fully recovered, although I can't put a lot of weight on my wrist. This was the maybe the most exhausting period of my life, but I have survived to blog again. More to come!