Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Pig

The couple who made this video won't allow embedding, clearly because people would be exploiting their amazing video to no end if they did, so all I can do is link below:

This video manages to simulataneously make your heart swell due to the adorableness of the featured pig and cringe at the lunacy of its well-meaning owners.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


-GAVIN AND STACY: No, this is not the name of the new Fountains of Wayne song (Good guess though!). It's the new show that premiered on BBC America last night. This show once again proves that British people are much more clever and hilarious than Americans. The striking thing is that this show is filled with quirky characters that on an American show would be unbelievable one-dimensional carictures, but on British TV come off as hilarious, well-rounded, and brilliant. ANNOYING! No, but seriously, watch this.

-THE FARMER'S MARKET: I have been eating tomato sandwiches almost exclusively for the last two weeks, thanks to the delectability of said produce, as available from The Farmer's Market. Recommending this is sort of like recommending water or oxygen -- we all know it's good for us, so it's a sort of useless recommendation. But I am flying in the face of futility and recommending it anyway.

-SLEEP: Another futile suggestion? Perhaps. But I have managed to get 8-9 hours of sleep per night for more than one night in a row and it has been fantastic. Recommended!! (I guess there is no such thing as "one night in a row" but you know what I mean)

Alright, clearly I just wanted to recommend Gavin and Stacy, but felt I needed a few other items, as a list containing only one item is not even a list. But that doesn't take away from my sincerity in recommending fresh produce and copious amounts of bedrest.

Health Kick

I quit smoking just over a week ago. I hadn't made any big plans to do it but after a debauchorous night out the thought of a cigarette made me gag, so I ended up not smoking for a few days and I just figured I would stick with it. It's hardest when I am drinking since that's when the impulse to smoke kicks in, but I remind myself at those weak moments that besides the fact that cigs in NYC now cost nine dollars a pack (!), I am training for a half marathon. Plus I don't want to have wrinkles. Or die of cancer. My mom is a pack a day smoker and her skin has an ashen grey undertone and she coughs all the time. Visions of my future if I don't stop now.

So if you see me with a cigarette dangling from my mouth you have my permission to tear it into a million pieces and then punch me in the stomach. Seriously.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Subsequent History Will Happen in the Eventual Present!

I recently sojourned briefly to the Catskills. In the Shandaken/Phoenicia area there are a number of local papers, most of which feature info on the local Spelling Bee Champion, news on the Rotary Club, and ads for the local fruit stand ("Alyce and Roger's Fruit Stand, Route 28, Mt. Tremper, NY" read one ad - no frills advertising at its best).

In one of the local papers I saw my favorite headline ever:

"The Greener the Better: Local Sustainabiilty is Inevitably Just as Historical as Our Present Futures"

EXACTLY. I think.

OK, No, Really....

I wil be the first to admit that my blog has been filled with empty promises and broken dreams, but I am issuing a challenge to myself: Write in this blog for 30 days straight**. This might be really really boring.

**Contingent on internet access while I travel for much of September.

Here it goes....